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 Indian Film Exporters’ Association is seriously concerned about the piracy of Indian films and television software by unscrupulous elements.

Let us join together to fight this illegal activity.

Piracy of Indian films and other entertainment software by illegal copying, sale and distribution in the VHS, VCD, DVD and other video formats in many parts of the world brought down the market potential and recovery expectations of rightful owners of these films.

With the proliferation of cable channels and networks all over the world, the same unscrupulous elements screen the films without acquiring rights on the cable channels and networks.

Some elements even manage to telecast the films on the television channels (both terrestrial and satellite) by using forged documents.

The Indian Film Exporters’ Association solicits the help and support of all people, including the viewers in their fight against film piracy.

We request all Acquisition Executives to feel free to contact the Indian Film Exporters Association for checking the rightful ownership of films and television programmes before acquisition.

You can send details of your acquisition of Indian film/television programme software to the Association giving details of the title, producer/director, credits if available, rights acquired, expiry date and from whom acquired. In case of any anomaly in ownership in this deal, the Association will get in touch with you and help you sort out matters.

In case you are aware of illegal screening of films either in theatres, on cable or television channels or if you come across video piracy of Indian film titles, please do not hesitate to inform us with relevant details like: Title / Director / Producer / Cast / Type of piracy (screening in theatres/video/cable/satellite/television) / identity of the pirate (address of the theatre and distributor/video store/cable or satellite or television channel).

Please provide as much information as possible. Your identity will be kept confidential.

In all cases of correct information leading to legal action against pirates, suitable rewards may be given by the right holders.

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