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To promote the commerce of export of Indian films out of India for the benefit of all the traders in India concerned in export of Indian films/television programmes and to explore all the ways in accomplishment and/or furtherance of the same.
To bring together , unite and cooperate for mutual benefit, protection and improvement in all possible and practicable ways, all exporters of Indian films/television programmes of good moral character and of reasonable desire and ambition to improve themselves and with willingness to help other exporters of Indian films/television programmes and a desire to promote, aid, help, safeguard, encourage and develop in all possible ways the interest of exporters of Indian films/television programmes.

To forward, safeguard and promote the general welfare, development and prosperity of exporters of Indian films/television programmes, to improve by all lawful and honorable means their status and conditions to cooperate with and to make representations with the State and Central governments and other official and public bodies, associations and societies towards this end.

To initiate, promote and support the passage of laws, decrees, administrative regulations beneficial to the motion picture industry in general and export trade in particular within the union of India or any other foreign country.
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